Saturday, 27 August 2011


i love you more than anything
but that you already know
and when your in my arms
i never want to let go

this smile on my face
yeah its because of you.
you always make me laugh
and thats why i love you

how much you mean to be
you can times it by a lot
but thats not even half of if
will never love you not

i like it when you kiss me
then i know im alive
and when you say you love me
it help me survive

i like how ur protective of me
i think ur cute when you upset
i've made a lot of mistakes in my life
but meeting you i don't regret

i could be happier
knowing i have some that cares
im glad that were together
i like how you always there

i can count on you for anything
there isn't ever a cost
then the minute that i hear your voice
i no longer feel lost

dear, your amazing
and i hope that you can see
that i love you dearly
and you mean the world to me

as long as together
thats all that matters to me
it may not be forever
but thats alright with me

just knowing i had my chance with you
is more than enough for me
just know that no matter what
i hope it's eternity

and one last thing before i go
no matter how i try
i won't ever forget you
i will love you til the day i die :'(

your the one RAJA NASRULLAH 
iloveyosomuchh :'(

p/s : jiwang sikit lahh , k byeeeee

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